The Abiding Gift of Prophecy (por A. G. Daniells)

Atoning Work of Christ, The – (C. H. Watson)

Belief and Work of Seventh-day Adventists

The Bible Reading Gazette for 1884

The Bible Reading Gazette for 1887

The Bible Reading Gazette for 1888

Christian Sabbath, The – (Carlyle B. Haynes)

Coming and Kingdom – (James White)

Fathers of the Catholic Church – (E.J. Waggoner)

Footprints of the Pioneers – (Arthur Whitefield Spalding)

Founders of the Message – (Everett Dick)

Jewish Problem, The – (F. C. Gilbert)

Judaism and Christianity – (F.C. Gilbert)

Lessons in Denominational History – (Dept. of Education, GC of SDA)

Life of Joseph Bates – (Joseph Bates)

New York City – (A Symbol (John Luppens)

Organization-Its Character, Purpose, Place and Dev – (C. C. Crisler)